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Is Ideal Mosquito Spray safe for my children and pets?

Yes!  There are no poisons, or harmful chemicals in our formulation.  Just 99.3% garlic juice, with some food grade preservatives added.

I want to get a quote and get started, who do I contact in my area?

Simply click on our Closest Provider section for a list of lawn professionals in your area.  Your local Pro can give you a quote over the phone, and/or if needed, stop out to your home.  If you cannot find a Pro in your area, give us a call at 612-741-0512 and we’ll be happy to discuss other options.

Will eating garlic repel mosquitoes?

No.  Many studies have been done on this subject.  It has never been scientifically shown that eating garlic will repel mosquitoes. However, spraying garlic on foliage has proven to be highly effective.

Would installing a mosquito misting system be better than Ideal Mosquito Control’s spray?

Ideal Mosquito Spray is applied by our professional lawn partners, and since its all natural, bees and butterflies are SAFE.  The providers will safely apply, and won’t poison anyone or anything.

This set us apart from traditional mosquito misting systems, which generally are on a timer, and are programmed to go off in the early morning, at sundown and in the early evening.  This type of application sprays a POISON which kills bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects.  On windy days they can blow the poison onto your neighbor’s property.  If your neighbors are allergic to the poison, you may be facing legal problems.

How does a film of oil on water kill mosquito larvae?

The natural oil found in our solution, corn oil, clogs the snorkel that the mosquito larvae use to breathe, which prevents hatching.

Do I have to spray again if it rains?

Do not spray if rain is predicted for the next 24 to 48 hours.  After spraying and having about a 48 hour dry-spell window, the applied barrier spray will generally be alright even through 2 or 3 moderate rain showers.  The best way to determine when to spray again is to watch for mosquitoes.  If you see them returning – it’s time to spray again.

Is Ideal Mosquito’s spray harmful to birds, bees, ladybugs and butterflies?

No, not at all.  Birds, bees and ladybugs are not bothered by the garlic spray.  Butterflies are not bothered by the garlic spray if you do not spray it on them directly.

I see several mosquito sprays for the yard that have Permetherin in them which is used to kill mosquitoes. Is it safe?

Permethrin has been licensed by the EPA since 1977 and has a few warnings on it’s label:  It kills bees and fish and many beneficial insects.  It cannot be sprayed near streams, lakes, fish ponds, etc.  Many sellers of products containing this chemical are often shy about telling consumers about what all it kills aside from mosquitoes.

What is the suggested frequency of treatments for the best protection all summer?

Depending on your climate, we suggest spraying every 3-4 weeks.  In northern climates, we recommend starting in May, and continuing through the middle of Sept. or until the first hard frost.  This is approximately 5-6 applications over the summer.

EPA Standards

Our product’s ingredients are on the EPA’s 25(b) exempt list, which means minimum risk.
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